designing spaces
to create connection



#meliteaidea means designing and realizing an exhibition space capable of emphasizing your corporate values thanks to effective communication strategies, aimed at bolstering people-businesses relations.

#meliteaidea means combining a functional and refined design with attention to detail and high-quality materials, in order to realize your exclusive setting.

#meliteaidea means facing the challenge of organizational complexity: it’s impossible to avoid unexpected events, but Melitea Team assures its presence onsite in order to manage and solve any difficulties.

#meliteaidea means relying on one unique and reliable partner able to offer a “turnkey” service everywhere in world, thanks to an accurate planning and compliance with deadlines.

who we are

our company
and our target

Melitea is an agency designing and managing exhibition spaces, proposing its support and consulting in the exhibition design field. Our business targets all those companies looking for the best impact for their exhibitions and events, in Italy or abroad. The agency is led by a young, dynamic and ambitious team: it addresses clients’ needs and demands with flexibility and transparency and it proposes future-oriented and technological solutions.

Saula Pollino

Caterina Lovisetti

our strategy
Melitea turns challenges into opportunities, by proposing successful ideas for future-oriented corporate communication
HOST 2023 | Milan | Stand 72 sqm
ECS 2023 | Nuremberg | Stand 100 sqm
Caffè Borbone
VENDITALIA 2022 | Milan | Stand 230 sqm


sharing a sustainable
development philosophy

Our daily commitment is the key principle to protect the environment. Organizing an event with Melitea also means sharing a sustainable development philosophy. We favor using biodegradable accessories in order to limit the environmental impact of our business to the greatest extent possible.